Let’s Make Some Magic

I’ve been blessed to work with many amazing clients in my years offering support to small business owners. In that time, I’ve learned so much from them, and I’ve learned that there is no best way to work – it ultimately depends on my client, their needs, and the ways we work well together. Each relationship and project is different – and rather than trying to create a system & packages that are cookie cutter, I’ve created ways to work with me based on some of my favorite clients, and the ways we have worked best together for different circumstances.

Even within these examples, there is space to play and experiment, so feel free to message me if you think you need something slightly different!

Ready to Book?

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The Elizabeth | Visionary Call

Once or twice a year I hop on a call with Elizabeth, a bit of a realignment and grounding so she can see where she’s been and reconnect with where she’s heading. Every call is transformative. Each call is a deep dive, focusing on how you can integrate more of your “someday” ideal life into the here & now, how you can map your way forward in a way that doesn’t mean being discontent  where you are, and clarifying the ways you show up to do your work in the world. It’s important to know that people come to me because I am direct, solution-oriented, and empowering – I’m not a good sugar-coated cheerleader, I will give you the hard truth and the scary work, wrapped up in genuine delight. Because I believe you actually can do it, and that it’s going to be beautiful to watch you unfold. 

If you’re unsure of what you need in working with me, this is the place to start.

Examples of What We Can Do

Vision Planning
Container Mapping
Identity Integration

Audit of Current Business
Transition Support
Next Steps Strategies

Expansive Experiment Design
Process & System Ideation
Product & Pricing Guidance

$185 –

How It Works:
Why don’t I offer free discovery calls? After years of hopping on the phone with people, I’ve realized that these conversations are one of the most potent & impactful things I provide. My experience says that you will see things in a new way after we hang up: the world, yourself, and the space between. 

The Meredith | Half-Day Projects

Meredith was “the last straw” in a good way – she taught me a lot about how important it is to adapt how I work to the relationship I have with my client, and to who they are. Meredith knows what she wants, she has a clear vision of her work and herself, and she’s also an incredibly dedicated, busy person – so she didn’t have a ton of time to sit down with me, but she is great at keeping focused. What we found worked best was her creating a task list for me and letting me at it. She schedules a bit of time to be on standby for feedback and direction, and we are able to accomplish a lot in quick fashion. It was with Meredith that I fully embraced the idea of working with my clients in focused, dedicated periods, leaving the traditional back & forth behind. 

Examples of What We Can Do

Basic Website Updates
Single Page Website Design

Starter Identity Design
(basic logo & business card)

Social Media Content
Small Biz Photography

 How It Works:
Let me know what your goals are for our time together & I will create a prep guide for you, so we can hit the ground running. We can use Facebook chat, co-working session in Zoom, or meet in person – whichever feels best for you, and we will spend 3 hours together tackling your projects.

The Katrina | Visionary Retainer

Working with Kat was life changing. It was with her that I first allowed myself to be tapped for my deeper work and offer vision, solutions, and expansive ideation. The energy that is created when two people come together to share ideas, visualize potential, strategize, and problem-solve on a consistent basis is powerful. In this space, I’m more able to identity the patterns, strengths, and struggles in a more objective way. What I can see when I’ve spent time connecting with you is much more useful than what you can tell me in the an hour long call – and in this space, I’m able to help you find & maintain alignment, remind you of your commitments to yourself, and support your big dreams.

What This Looks Like

Visionary Call
Benefits + On-Going
Support, Accountability, Alignment

Next (or same) day calls
via phone or zoom. Same-day support via
Facebook, email, and text.

$270/wk –

How It Works:
This retainer allows you open door access to me. If you haven’t already  worked with me, I recommend beginning with a regular visionary call – this will give us a chance to feel how we flow, learn what you really need to do your work, and identify how I can best serve you.

The Stacey | Full-Day Projects

It’s been years since I worked on a project with Stacey, but she is still held as an ideal and the perfect example of trusting the process. She taught me to really have fun with my clients, and took collaboration to a brand new level of play & experimentation. We’ve done all kinds of fun projects together, and one thing is consistent – we make a mess, trying a lot of things, and what emerges from that experimentation is better than either of us could have imagined going in. These full day projects give us the space to create things that feel delicious for you, and help you express yourself more clearly.

Examples of What We Can Do

Brochure Websites
Supportive Identity Assets
Graphics & Content

Process & System Mapping
PDF Workbook/Books
Merchandizing, Packaging, Display

Stock Photography Collection
Styled Photography
Personal Styling

How It Works:
To be sure our time together is spent creating, I will email you a prep guide after you book. I will review what you compile to be sure we are on track! For the day of your project, we can meet in person, spend time on Zoom, or you can be on hand via Facebook chat for feedback.

The Erica | Full Support Retainer

This is by far my favorite way to work  – Erica has been a client, and friend, for many years, and I’ve had the privilege of not only witnessing and celebrating her constant evolution, but to be able to support that growth even as I have been growing in my own work. These are the kind of partnerships I live for – expansive, infused with inexplicable magic, and forward-focused. In these long term working relationships, I get to be a guide, a partner in crime, a blessed nag reminding you of your power and intentions, and a designer playing in whatever ways feel right to support your work. You will hate me some days, because it can be uncomfy to have someone believe in you and hold you to your potential – but we love through it and do amazing things along the way.

Visionary Team & The Toolbox

All of the open door communication of the visionary retainer 
& all of the skills and tools I offer, available to support your work. 

Peek in the Toolbox

Web & UI Design – Preferred WordPress with Divi, hosted with Siteground.

Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XP, and Premier

Brand Identity Development – Brand Marks, Business Cards, Packaging, Stock Photography Creation & Curation

Social Media Content Creation

Photography (primarily locally – but I have had clients travel to me from out of state, ship me products for styled shoots, and I can provide custom stock images)

Personal Styling

Merchandizing & Display Design

Process, System, and Workflow Mapping

Product & Offering Development

$480/wk –

How It Works:
Two evolving people means an ever-evolving relationship. How it works depends on you and on us. We begin with a visionary call, this will help us determine what is needed, and how I can best help. I can’t wait to find out what this can be!

free initial consult
project cost determined
by scope

How It Works:
We begin with a consult – in this time we discuss what your goals, what needs to happen, and how I can be of service. After our first call, we will create a project overview and outline my roles & responsibilities within your team.

The Eureka Moment | Project Collaboration

I’ve been hired by Eureka multiple times over the years, each time for an entirely new role in a new project.  Being able to step into wildly different industries, to do whatever work I’m suited for, has allowed me to develop new ways of thinking, crazy expriences & connections, and the skills I bring to every future client.

For larger projects, those that will take weeks or months to reach an established end goal, this is the option. Every project is different, and how I can best be of service will depend on what you need and how I fit into your team. I’ve worked with chambers of commerce, government officials, a recycling company, publishers, travel companies, farmers & growers, pageants & fairs, dog rescues, retailers, restaurants, tradesmen, and more.  I’d love to chat about what you are working on!


Examples of What We Can Do

Complex Website Design
Community Engagement

Product, Line, Collection
Creation & Launch

New Business Development & Launching